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Medical Claims Review and Resolution

The Assist Group’s ClinAssist® claims review process identifies improper hospital costs, providing comprehensive data and significant savings to payers. As a leader in complex claims review and resolution, we offer payers a complete solution – from initial screening through final resolution. Our comprehensive claims resolution service supports our findings, allowing payers to avoid reimbursing facilities for inappropriate billed charges. Our results have produced an unprecedented uphold rate for identified billing errors, saving payers virtually millions of dollars each year. Leveraging our extensive claims compliance experience, we also offer a negotiated discount option that enables payers to retain their existing facility discount and realize additional significant pre-payment savings, while complying with the strictest of payment deadlines.

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NICU Consulting Services

For health plans, reinsurers and third party administrators that manage medically complex infants, CareAssist® is a comprehensive, neonatologist-guided program offering consulting resources designed to positively impact clinical and financial outcomes. This is accomplished by our board-certified, practicing physicians thoroughly assessing the infants, then collaborating with the treating team to offer the best evidence-based care.

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Additional Services

Medication Therapy Management

As a part of the complete suite of cost containment solutions, we offer Medication Therapy Management (MTM). Pharmacy costs are at an all time high for insurance payers, and MTM is a low-cost, high-return service that positively impacts your bottom line.

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